UESF Bargaining Team Proposes 21% Raise Over Next 3 Years

Fairmount Elementary Teacher Claudia Tirado is one of the many educators being forced to consider leaving San Francisco. Claudia and her family face eviction and despite a 10 year career in the SFUSD, she may be forced to leave the city because she can no longer afford the rent.

At the negotiating table on Aprll 17th, the UESF Bargaining Team proposed a 21% raise, to be phased in at 7% over each of the next three years. The proposal comes as the SFUSD is set to receive substantial additional resources in the coming years as a result of the passage of Prop. 30 and the rebounding state economy.

According to UESF President Dennis Kelly, the salary proposal also comes at a critical time for teachers and paras in the SFUSD. “San Francisco is rapidly becoming unaffordable to our public school educators, and too many are being forced out of our city and our school district because of skyrocketing rents,” says Kelly. “When educators can no longer afford to live in our neighborhoods and in our communities, it not only hurts our students, but their families, and the city as a whole. Our wage proposal will give teachers and paras a fighting chance to stay in the city they love.”

The UESF proposal is based on the most recent financial data provided by the SFUSD and budget projections made by the California Department of Finance.  Using these estimates, the SFUSD is projected to receive an additional $89 million in Unrestricted General Funds by the 2016-2017 school year.

At the bargaining table today the UESF team also proposed additional district support to cover healthcare costs for UESF members who choose to have a family. The goal is to bring healthcare coverage for families more in line with what other public servants who work in San Francisco receive, including many other workers in the SFUSD.

Finally, in an effort to help professionalize the work that paraprofessionals do, the UESF Bargaining Team today proposed to increase the number of steps on the salary schedule to a total of eight , and to add longevity bonuses for paras who have been in the district for 15, 20, and 25 years.

“Paraprofessionals come straight out of our communities, and we work with many of our most vulnerable students, ” says UESF Vice-President for Paraprofessionals Carolyn Samoa. “Yet for years paras have been given only part-time jobs and a low salary. Now is the time for the district to show respect for paras, and for the students we serve.”

Rally at the School Board – Tuesday, April 22nd – 5:00 p.m.

Let’s show the School Board and the Superintendent that we are worth the investment! Come out to the UESF School Board rally on April 22nd at 5:00 p.m. at 555 Franklin St.

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Consult the UESF contract negotiations web page for the latest updates & information on UESF/SFUSD contract talks.

Speaking Up for Paras

Thanks to Claudia DeLarios Moran, Mary Lavalais, and Dennis Kelly for
speaking out at the Board of Education in support of paraprofessionals and the
important work they do.

Paraprofessionals do incredible work every day for our most vulnerable students and families. Yet with an average salary of just $25,000, many paraprofessionals can no longer afford to live in the city of San Francisco. It is time our district and our city respect these valuable educators by providing them professional wages and hours.

Consult the UESF contract negotiations web page for the latest updates & information.

Congratulations to the 2014 CTA ESP of the Year: UESF’S Janet Eberhardt

Janet Eberhardt, the 2014 CTA ESP of the Year, speaks to the March 2014 CTA State Council.

Janet Eberhardt was named CTA ESP of the Year for 2014. A member of United Educators of San Francisco (UESF), Janet works as Community Relations Specialist and Elementary Advisor where she serves as liaison between families and the school. A staunch advocate for students, Janet is dedicated to reaching out to families to affect positive change where needed and to encourage healthy interpersonal relationships for children both at home and at school.

Janet has been a tireless advocate at her school site, her local association, CTA and NEA for more than 25 years. She has worked on numerous special projects and has taken on many roles, including serving as a CTA State Council delegate, a NEA Representative Assembly delegate, UESF Executive Board member, among many others.

All of Janet’s projects are student-centered, whether they be training students and parents in conflict management, recruiting adults to mentor students, creating student management programs, or working with public school kids in a collaborative student choir project.  Her willingness to talk the talk and walk the walk earned her the nomination. “We are only as strong as those who walk the walk,” she said.

Betty Robinson-Harris Wins the Prestigious CFT Raoul Teilhet Educate, Agitate, Organize Award!

Photo courtesy of CFT

The winner of the 2014 California Federation of Teachers’ Raoul Teilhet, Educate, Agitate, Organize Award is Betty Robinson-Harris. Betty is an early childhood educator for the San Francisco Unified School District and a member of the United Educators of San Francisco. She also serves on the San Francisco First 5 Commission.

Betty began teaching at Booker T. Washington Preschool in 1975 so she has extensive experience in what it means to educate children, as well as her peers, in best practices in early childhood education. Very early in her career she understood the power of bringing stakeholders together to organize parent networks in order to enhance student outreach and to bring greater access to childcare resources for working families. Continue reading

42,500 Free Books Given Away at Our Successful First Book Event!

Thanks to everyone who made our Books on Wheels event  this past Saturday such a success!

Approximately 1,000 educators from throughout the Bay Area came out to pick up free books for their students.

“Children do better in class when they read at home, and we’re very happy to provide quality, new books to thousands of students in San Francisco,” says UESF Political Director Ken Tray, who co-chaired the ‘Books on Wheels’ event. “It is part of our ongoing effort to make sure that all students have the tools and resources they need to achieve.”

Up to one hundred brand new books were distributed at the ‘Books on Wheels’ event to educators and literacy advocates who work with low-income students. The books in turn will be given to the students in the coming weeks at schools sites, community centers, and libraries across San Francisco.

Special thanks to the good people at First Book San Francisco, the American Federation of Teachers, and UESF Political Director Ken Tray for a stellar job organizing the event!

Read more about the event in this San Francisco Chronicle article published on Sunday, March 2nd.

2014 UESF Convention Election Results

Click here for results to the 2014 UESF Elections for the CFT Convention, AFT Convention, and the NEA Representative Assembly.

Parent Survey

Please Encourage Your Student’s Parents to Take the UESF Parent & Community Survey

Please take the survey online: English | Spanish | Chinese

Buena Vista Horace Mann teacher Norman Zelaya surveys a parent before school.

Buena Vista Horace Mann teacher Norman Zelaya surveys a parent before school.

PDF versions to print: English | Spanish | Chinese

As UESF enters contract negotiations with the district, we want to ensure that our proposals reflect the needs and wishes of our most important constituents: students and their families.

The brief survey represents the next step coming out of the two town halls that the Close the Gap coalition (UESF plus nine community organizations) convened last spring and summer.  The priority areas for our students voiced by the more than 150 participants were: Strong family and educator engagement at school sites, more personalized help for students, and full, reliable and wisely-spent resources. 

The questions in the survey will not reflect all of the wishes and aspirations of our families.  Instead, they focus on areas that we will address through our contract negotiations.  This survey is the beginning not the end of developing a strong, respectful partnership with our families and community partners. 

Please encourage the parents of your students and other school supporters to take this survey online. Paper copies are also available in English and Spanish. Contact UESF Political Ken Tray at 415-956-8373 or ktray [at] uesf [dot] org if you have any questions, or would surveys delivered to your site.

Free Financial Workshop for UESF members – April 17, 2013

6 Steps to Financial Security

Thursday, April 17, 2014
4:30-5:30 p.m.
UESF office (2310 Mason St.)
Offered by Mosher Financial

Topics include:

  • Monthly and Annual Budget
  • Planning and Saving for the Future
  • Reducing Income Taxes
  • Buying a House
  • Saving for College
  • Providing Family Protection

To RSVP, or for more information call 415-681-2000 or email info [at] mosherfinancial [dot] com,

For a complete list of financial workshops this school year, click here.