Contract Campaign for Stable, Safe, & Supportive Schools Underway


SFUSD Goes After AP Preps, Rejects out of Hand UESF Discipline Proposal; UESF Team Makes Revised Compensation Proposal

June 23, 2017

At the bargaining table on June 20th the SFUSD proposed eliminating all AP prep periods and all financial support for AP tests at schools. According to district negotiators, the $3 million in annual savings was necessary in order to pay for their previous offer of an 11% raise. The UESF team expressed immediate opposition to the proposal. Eliminating AP preps and AP support at the sites would decimate the program and would have a disproportionate impact on students who need the most assistance in passing the exams. Instead of looking to tear down one of the most successful AP programs in the state, the district should instead look for ways to expand the program more broadly. The UESF team believes that the proposed cuts may constitute regressive bargaining by the SFUSD.

….[more on our main negotiations web page.]

Next negotiations session: August 14, 2017.

Join the Labor Contingent to the June 25th SF Pride Parade!

All UESF members are encouraged to join the labor contingent to the June 25th SF Pride Parade parade in San Francisco. With Education Secretary Betsy Devos recently testifying recently that she was noncommittal on protecting LGBT students from discrimination, it is more important than ever that we stand united as a community against all forms of hate and oppression!

The labor contingent is being put together by Bay Area IBEW members, and will line up near the beginning of the parade, a part of the larger RESIST contingent.

RSVP on Facebook and remember to look for the UESF banner and to wear your UESF t-shirt! Look for more details on exactly where to gather as we get closer to the 25th.

UESF Job Openings

UESF has two job openings now available. UESF members are encouraged to apply.

California labor history class returns to City College this fall—Register now

labor-bookThe semester long California Labor History class, taught by CFT communications director FredGlass, is back in the City College of San Francisco schedule this fall.

It will be held on Tuesday evenings at 6:10 pm starting August 22 at the Mission Campus of CCSF, 1125 Valencia Street. City College courses are now free for San Francisco residents, and your union reimburses members who live outside city limits for course fees. As UESF president Lita Blanc puts it, “We reimburse members for taking Labor and Community Studies courses as an investment in union activism.”

More than a hundred UESF members have taken the class over the past twenty years. One was Executive VP Susan Solomon, who said the class was “Invaluable for members who wish to advance their knowledge about education unionism and its place in California history.” Another was Buena Vista teacher Frank Lara. He said, “This class gave me great readings, filled in my knowledge of the struggles that led up to today’s world, and provided an opportunity to talk and think with people who care as much as I do about the future of public education.”

Go to to sign up online. Email CCSF Labor and Community Studies Department chair Bill Shields with any questions about enrollment, wshields [at] ccsf [dot] edu. For questions about course content, contact Fred Glass, 510-579-3343, fglasscft [at] gmail [dot] com. Continue reading

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2017 Awe Awards


Congratulations to all of those were honored with the 2017 Advocates Worthy of Excellence (AWE) award by the SFUSD Community Advisory Committee for Special Education. UESF members who won the award this year include Katie Hunter and Ann Caimi from Everett Middle School, Leroy Hawkins from Feinstein Elementary, Junkang Zhang and Owen Collins from Denman Middle School, Cara Cuper from Key Elementary, and Meagan Scharetg from Grattan Elementary.

Mayor Lee Commits $44 Million to Build Educator Housing


May 22, 2017

After our incredible 750-strong rally at the Board of Education on May 9th and a substantial amount of intense media coverage, last week Mayor Ed Lee committed $44 million to build housing for UESF members at 1360 43rd Avenue, the site of the old principals center. The announcement and the financial commitment is a significant step forward in goal to build housing for educators, moving the process out of the conceptual and towards actually breaking ground.

While welcome news, its important to remember that the construction of educator housing is only one of the key strategies UESF is pursuing to ensure a place in San Francisco for teachers and paras. We must also continue the work of organizing to raise educator wages to meet the growing cost of living, and continue working towards bringing more revenue into our schools either through statewide or local revenue measures. Finally, UESF has been at the table working to ensure a real affordable housing agenda is implemented in San Francisco. UESF Political Director Ken Tray was instrumental in helping city leaders reach consensus on an inclusionary housing policy just last week. Read more here.

Over 750 UESF Members and Supporters Rally at 555 Franklin

May 9th rally

On May 9th over 750 UESF members and supporters rallied in support of our campaign for Stable, Safe, and Supportive schools before the Board of Education meeting at 555 Franklin. The boisterous rally and speak out, which included another famous appearance by the Brass Liberation Orchestra, was an opportunity for teachers and para-educators to show the district that we are committed to our students and our schools, but that without a commitment from the district on a significant salary increase, we simply cannot afford to live here.

Equally important, the day was an opportunity for us to push back on the district’s proposed cuts to special education. 118 paraprofessionals and 24 RSP teachers from 61 schools are getting consolidated, and the impact of such cuts will have terrible consequences not only for our students with IEPs, but for general education students at those schools as well.

The rally followed a heart-wrenching story published on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle yesterday, detailing the struggles of an SFUSD high school teacher who lost her apartment and has been without a home for months because of the affordability crisis. In the story, reporter Heather Knight also included some of the incredible statistics that show how unaffordable San Francisco really is for educators.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the rally yesterday, to stand with your fellow educators, parents, and students for our schools. Your dedication and resolve were on full display to the Board, the new superintendent, the administration, and several City blocks surrounding 555 Franklin! Special thanks to our UESF organizers, who have spent the past several weeks out in the schools helping to turn folks out to the rally!

Look for more photos up on the UESF Facebook photo album!

Thousands Take to the Streets in San Francisco in Successful May Day

mayday-1Hundreds of UESF members joined thousands of fellow San Franciscans on Monday in the May Day march and rally in support of labor and immigrant rights. The highlights of the day were the entire school communities marching together, with large delegations of educators, parents and students from Buena Vista Horace Mann, Chavez Elementary, Fairmount Elementary, and Longfellow Elementary marching together as one.

The day was an incredible opportunity for San Franciscans from across the political spectrum to take a stand for our communities in the face of threats from the Trump administration. It was capped off by UESF’s program in Civic Center at 4:00 p.m., when educators and school supporters gathered to sign a pledge to defend our schools and our students. UESF was happy to welcome CTA President Eric Heins, SFUSD school board commissioner Mark Sanchez, and SFUSD Student Advisory Council delegate Chanun Ong to join us on stage for the program.

Check out this photo album posted on UESF’s Facebook page. Feel free to post and share your photos as well!

Finally, a shout out to Buena Vista Horace Mann teacher, and UESF Executive Board member, Frank Lara, who was one of the central forces in planning and executing the successful May Day action. His energy and enthusiasm, and his commitment to his school and community, was on full display throughout the day.