Mediation Update: Not Yet to Fact Finding

September 26, 2014

There was a surprise in mediation on Thursday.

Instead of sending our contract further out of our hands and to Fact Finding, the mediator proposed a skeletal agreement that included an across-the-board increase for paras and teachers, and additional financial consideration for paras. The proposal was an improvement over the district’s offer.

The UESF Bargaining Team was very appreciative of the mediator’s suggestions, but concerned about certain para issues and the amount of the wage proposal. The district complained that the mediator’s proposal was beyond their authorization.

The mediator’s proposal is not the official position of the district or the union, but a framework for continued talks. Both sides will report to the mediator next week. October 7th is held for another meeting.

San Francisco Supervisors Introduce a Resolution in Support of Our Contract Campaign

Many thanks to Supervisors Eric Mar, John Avalos, Malia Cohen, and David Campos for introducing a resolution to the Board of Supervisors this week in support of our contract campaign.

Citing the high cost of living and low salaries of educators, and the potential disruption of a possible strike, the resolution calls on a quick resolution to our contract talks.

Thanks to the support of our elected leaders on the Board of Supervisors, we hope that the Superintendent and his negotiating team see the importance of prioritizing our work, and how important it is for educators to live in the communities we serve.

Check out the SF Chronicle for a write-up on the resolution.

For more information, visit UESF’s main contract negotiations page.

Sign Up for Our Oct. 4th Election Kick Off & Ongoing Phone Banks

In 2012 educators and parents successfully came together to pass Prop. 30 to bring critical resources to our schools. It will take a similar effort to ensure an affordable and progressive San Francisco this election.


Election Kick Off – Oct. 4th
SEIU 1021 HQ (350 Rhode Island)
10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Meal included

Phone Bank: Sept. 30th – Oct. 9th
SEIU 1021 HQ (350 Rhode Island)
5;00-8:00 p.m.
Meal included

RSVP here

This election, like our contract fight, hangs in the balance. In a very close race for school board, our efforts to elect Stevon Cook and Shamann Walton can help ensure a pro-student, pro-educator Board of Education. At the same time, progressive champion David Campos is in a dead-heat with his opponent, who just received a check for $350,000 from a local corporate investor.

Join fellow educators, parents, and school supporters on Saturday, October 4th to take a stand for a progressive and affordable San Francisco! Let’s do the work to elect candidates that make our schools, students, educators and working families the #1 priority in our City.

  • Help elect Stevon Cook and Shamann Walton to the Board of Education.
  • Elect David Campos to the Assembly.
  • Raise the minimum wage (Yes on J).
  • Stop the speculators (Yes on G).
  • Re-elect Tom Torlakson as State Superintendent of Schools.

The campaign is now moving into full swing. RSVP for our October 4th launch and sign up for an upcoming phone bank here.


Help Maintain Stable School Communities in the SFUSD!

Longfellow Elementary teacher Cynthia Hauck is among the many UESF members who have helped reach out to parents to support stable school communities.

Please support San Francisco educators and our fight to stay in the city we love!


The affordability crisis in SF is hitting our students and their families hard. Because of this our school communities are more important than ever as sources of stability in our students’ lives. But as teachers and paras are getting forced out of San Francisco, too many are choosing to leave the district and it is getting harder to recruit and retain new educators. This is destabilizing our schools and ultimately hurting our students’ chance at success.

The teachers and paras of the United Educators of San Francisco are grateful for the opportunity to serve the children of our great City, we ask only for a wage that gives us a fighting chance to live in the communities we serve.

Please take a moment to send a letter to SFUSD Superintendent Richard Carranza and the members of the Board of Education to support our schools, our students, and our educators by signing this petition. Thank you for your support!

Scatena Fund Applications for Members in Financial Need

Applications Due November 30th

The Scatena Memorial Fund was established as a trust with the Bank of America in 1925 in order to provide grants to San Francisco active and retired teachers and paras who are in extreme financial need.

To apply for the Scatena Fund grants, please fill out the two-page application form, available at the UESF office and linked to below. The deadline for applications to be received at the UESF office is 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 7, 2014.

2014 Scatena Fund application

Vergara Verdict Flawed, Like Lawsuit Itself

On June 10th, in a move being hailed by corporate education ‘reformers’ and Arne Duncan, a Southern California judge delivered a deeply troubling ruling on the Vergara lawsuit.

CTA, CFT, and the state of California have already vowed to appeal the verdict, which would strip teachers of seniority and due process rights while doing nothing to increase funding or services for students.

Watch UESF President Dennis Kelly set the record straight on the misguided Vergara ruling in this segment, which ran live on Sunday, June 15th on CBS 5.


Also, don’t miss this powerful critique of the ruling by Michael Hiltzik of the LA Times, and this analysis by former UESF Executive Vice-President Linda Plack.

Dennis Kelly also speaks out against the ruling in this KTVU piece below…

Thanks to all who volunteered for the June 3rd election!

UESF paraprofessional leaders Cathy O’Byrne-Shewchuck and Tom Harriman were part of the solid crew of UESF members who volunteered for the David Campos for Assembly campaign.


Thanks to all who took the time to vote and volunteer in the June 3rd election. With so much money being poured into the election by those who seek to undermine our public school system and our profession, it was old-fashioned volunteer work that proved so important in the election. Find out from Steve Smith from the California Labor Federation why the June 3rd election was such a big win for working people.

May 27th March & Rally at the Board of Education

Thanks to all for a great rally on May 27th!

Thanks to the hundreds of UESF members and supporters who came out to the Board of Education meeting on May 27th to rally in support of keeping teachers and paras in San Francisco.

Special thanks to the Brass Liberation Orchestra for bringing such wonderful music to the demonstration and Supervisor David Campos for lending his support.

Let’s hope the SFUSD understands just how dire the situation is getting for educators who are getting priced out of our city.

Check out some of the media we received from the demonstration:

CBS 5: Teachers Being Priced Out Of San Francisco’s Booming Real Estate Market. Featuring Cristina Fiori from New Traditions Elementary who is regrettably leaving the SFUSD because of the high cost of living.


KRON 4: VIDEO: Teachers Rally for Better Wages. Burton HS teacher Brendan Furey gives a great example of why it is so important that educators live in the city they work.

Check Out our Facebook Photo Album of UESF T-Shirt Days

Thanks to all of the UESF members who are regularly holding t-shirt days at your school sites in support of the UESF contract campaign.

Check out our photo album up on the UESF Facebook page.

Don’t see you’re your school photo up there? Email photos to UESF Communications Director Matthew Hardy at mhardy [at] uesf [dot] org.