All UESF officers and staff can be reached by phone at 415-956-8373, by fax at 415-956-8374, or by US mail at 2310 Mason St., San Francisco, CA 94133.

Executive Board Officers

Lita Blanc

Susan Solomon
Executive Vice-President

Carolyn Samoa
Vice-President – Paraprofessionals

Liz Conley
Vice-President – Substitutes

Lisa Gutierrez Guzman

Elaine Merriweather

AJ Frazier

Field Staff

Need to find the staff representative for your school? Review the Field staff assignments by school site (coming soon).

Julian Quinóñez
Field Representative

Elaine Merriweather
Field Representative

Beatrice Montenegro
Field Representative

Alma Soto
Field Representative

Matthew Hardy
Communications Director

Ken Tray
Political Director

Office Staff

Audreen Williams
Membership Secretary

Bracha Israel
General Office Secretary

Tom Lacey

Marilyn Ilagan

Area Organizers

UESF Area Organizers are part-time staff who work with Building Reps and Union Building Committees to help effectively organizing school sites. All representation issues are handled by the field reps listed above.

SFUSD Staff Directory

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