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Nominations for UESF Internal Election Now Underway

Nominations Due by March 11th in the UESF office or March 18th at the UESF Assembly

The UESF election for officers, members of the UESF Executive Board, and for the San Francisco Labor Council is now open. Nomination forms have been mailed to all active UESF members’ homes in two separate mailings. If you have not received nomination forms, you can download the form for officers and Executive Board here, and the form for Labor Council here.

All nomination forms are due in the UESF office no later than Wednesday March 11th at 5:00 p.m. by hand, by US mail, or by fax (415-956-8374). Nomination forms can also be hand-delivered on March 18th to the UESF Assembly at SEIU 1021 (350 Rhode Island St., enter from Kansas St.). Note: Nomination forms will not be accepted in the UESF office after March 11.

For a calendar of the UESF election and for updates, please visit the UESF elections web page. Any changes or updates will also be sent via UESF email blast (sign up here) and posted on the UESF Twitter account.

UESF Safe & Supportive Schools Conference a Success

UESF members take part in the Black Lives Matter Libguide workshop at the UESF Safe & Supportive Schools conference on February 28th.

March 4, 2015

This past weekend, over 160 UESF members took part in our annual spring conference. This year’s theme was dedicated to Safe & Supportive Schools, and featured some great professional development as well as an important panel discussion on how best to support students and educators in the classroom.

Special thanks to the many UESF members who helped pull the conference together, including Anthony Arinwine and Vickie Sargent, who participated in on our panel discussion, and to all of the UESF members who presented at our workshops, including Vickie Sargent, Maureen Sullivan, Chalida Anusasananan, Betty Robinson-Harris, Art Concordia, Ken Tray, and Susan Solomon.

Thanks are also in order to Board of Education commissioners Matt Haney and Shamann Walton and for Coleman Advocates organizer Kevine Bogess for taking part in the panel discussion, and for School Board President Emily Murase for attending. Thanks also to Becki Cohen Vargas, Brooke Anderson, and Sean Mabey who also held workshops.

UESF members who attended the conference are encouraged to take what they learned from the workshops and the panel back to their sites for further discussion. Prop. A (QTEA) professional development can potentially be used for such discussion and further inquiry. For questions about Prop. A professional development, please click here.

Free Income Tax Workshop for UESF members – March 12, 2015

Income Tax Workshop

Thursday, March 12, 2015
4:30-5:45 p.m.
UESF office (2310 Mason St.)
Offered by Mosher Financial

Topics include:

  • How is your paycheck taxed? W‐4 and DE‐4
  • Tax Brackets, Exemptions and Deductions
  • Most Common Tax Forms
  • Reducing Your Income Taxes

To RSVP, or for more information call 415-681-2000 or email info [at] mosherfinancial [dot] com,

For a complete list of financial workshops this school year, click here.

Come to City College this Spring!

Resources at City College of San Francisco for SFUSD Para-professionals and Teachers!

By, Kathleen White
Dept. Chair, Child Development & Family Studies, City College of San Francisco
The Spring semester at CCSF may have begun on January 12, 2015, but there are still many short-term, late start and one unit courses that will directly benefit those working with children! UESF members can go to and complete an online application to CCSF and then enroll in courses! Current costs are $46.00 / per unit and financial aid, BOGG waivers and reimbursements through a variety of child development support programs ( CDTC, SFSEED, ECEWPP) may be available, especially for staff working in early childhood and after-school classrooms!
City College of San Francisco provides a wide array of courses that can assist the ECE and K-12 workforce. In addition to foreign language classes that help meet CLAD requirements, LERN classes that support CBEST and CSET test prep and a range of general education content courses that support curriculum development, the Child Development & Family Studies Department offers a range of courses that can specifically enhance the skills of classroom teachers and staff.

One unit courses are between 16-18 hours in duration and are eligible for consideration for professional development funding (which is provided to SFUSD paraprofessionals as part of their contract).
Classes are available in the CDEV Dept. on a range of Special Education topics including: Continue reading

Elementary Schools Ready to Implement 150 Minutes of Weekly, Duty-Free Prep Time!

Sheridan Elementary teacher Darcie Chan Blackburn was instrumental in advocating for Elementary Prep for the UESF Bargaining Team. She helped lead a training on implementation on January 14th.

Thanks to the 60+ UESF members who attended our Elementary Prep training on Wednesday, January 14th at Civic Center Secondary High School.

New to this contract, elementary school teachers will now have 150 minutes of weekly, duty-free preparation time.

If you were unable to make the training, make sure to review materials here. Items include sample schedules, UBC to-do lists, sample letters, and more.

All elementary school site leaders are also encouraged to attend the Elementary Division meeting on Wednesday, January 28th to discuss how implementation is going at your site.

UESF Contract Ratified with 78.3% Yes Vote

Updated December 12, 2014

Late in the evening on Thursday, December 11th,the UESF Elections Committee certified the ratification of the UESF/SFUSD contract by the membership with a 78.3% yes vote. In total, 2,799 members voted with 2,192 voting yes and 607 voting no.

The contract now goes to a vote of the SFUSD Board of Education at a special meeting Friday afternoon, where it is expected to pass easily. The Superintendent has promised to do everything he can to ensure that retroactive pay for the first wage increase (2% as of July 1, 2014) will be sent to members before the end of the month.

Thanks to all of the UESF members who participated in our organizing campaign, voting in our first strike vote, signing the member petition, gaining support from parents, and speaking out at the Board of Education. This collective effort proved vital to achieving success in our contract campaign.

The contract campaign could also not have happened without the strong support of parents at the school sites. To the 2,500 parents who signed a petition to the board of education in support of teachers and paraprofessionals, we thank you.

While the contract is a good step, the affordability crisis in San Francisco continues and we must continue our organizing efforts to ensure that there is a place in San Francisco for teachers, paraprofessionals, and other valuable educators. This effort includes our campaign to bring the City and the school district together to establish teacher and para housing in San Francisco, and our ongoing efforts to bring full funding from the state of California.

“We need to set our sights on the cost of living and work for funding that brings educational workers up to that level,” said UESF President Dennis Kelly.

Special thanks to UESF Elections Chair Liz Conley and her crew of volunteers who once again did a magnificent job running the election.

For more information about the agremeent, go to the UESF Negotiations Page.

November 2014 Election Recap

November 7, 2014

Thanks to all of the UESF members (active and retired) who volunteered during our November election campaign. In all we filled over 300 phone bank and neighborhood walk shifts. Because of this stellar effort, we were successful in helping Shamann Walton gain a second place finish and a seat on the Board of Education, ensuring that a new and important voice will be added to the leadership of our schools. Continue reading

Powerful Parent-Educator Town Hall on the Affordability Crisis

Buena Vista Horace Mann Co-Building Representative Maribel Chavez welcomes parents and educators to our successful town hall on November 6th.

On November 6th, 50 teachers, paras, and parents gathered at Buena Vista Horace Mann for a powerful town hall on the affordability crisis. After a presentation from the Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) outlining the struggles of working people in the Mission, we heard from an incredible panel of a teacher, a para, and a parent who talked about how the affordability crisis is impacting their lives, and how schools are important sources of stability for our communities. In a subsequent discussion, the educators and parents present shared their own stories and universally pledged the desire to work together to address the issues.

For a wonderful write up of the town hall, check out this story by Mission Local. Also, don’t forget to see these photos on the MEDA website.

Thanks to BVHM Building Reps Frank Lara and Maribel Chavez for hosting the event, and for Frank and Chavez Elementary librarian Nathalie Hrizi for facilitating. If you’d like to get involved in helping to plan next steps, please contact UESF Communications Director Matthew Hardy at mhardy [at] uesf [dot] org.