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Make it Fair California!

Time to Close Corporate Loopholes, Invest in Public Education, and Rebuild California 

Make it Fair California, a new movement that aims to place a measure on the state ballot in November 2016 to close the corporate commercial property tax loopholes found in Prop. 13. UESF’s state affiliates, the CFT and the CTA, have signed on as Executive Committee supporters.

The Make It Fair campaign is dedicated to closing the commercial property tax loopholes so we can invest in strengthening our schools and other important local priorities, such as housing.

The educators, unions, and community groups behind the Make it Fair movement believe that it is important to retain protections for homeowners, renters, and small business owners. Unfortunately, some big corporations and wealthy commercial property owners are using loopholes in the law to avoid paying their fair share in taxes. This means California is losing billions in revenue every year that could be used to make our communities better places to live and work.

In fact, Make it Fair estimates that San Francisco County alone could receive an additional $619 million a year if the measure were to pass.

For more information, and to sign and share the online petition in support of this important reform, go to

Hearing on Prop 13 Reform July 10th

On Friday, July 10th, Assemblyman Phil Ting will hold a hearing to review the impact of Proposition 13. The discussion will focus on the inequity of our property tax system and the implications of potential reforms. UESF members are encouraged to attend. The hearing will take place on 10:30 am in the Milton Marks Auditorium at 455 Golden Gate Avenue.

Let us know if you can make it. Email UESF Communications Director at mhardy [at] uesf [dot] org.

AFT Training of Trainers on Developing Pro-Social Behavior & Classrooom Management Strategies

August 3-7
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Glen Park Elementary
Register Here

All UESF members are welcome to take part in this five day training of trainers on managing and reducing problem behavior, developing pro-social behavior, and classroom management strategies. The first four days of the training will be conducted by American Federation of Teachers trainers. The final day will be co-facilitated by UESF and Pupil Services on developing modules for participants to use in training school district staff.

This training is open to all active UESF membership. A $40 per hour stipend (for 38 hours) will be paid for by UESF for all members who complete the course.

As part of the commitment for the course, participants will be required to provide a minimum of three 2-hour trainings during the 2015-2016 school year to SFUSD school sites.

To sign up for the course, click here. If you have problems using Cornerstone, contact UESF Executive Vice President Susan Solomon at 956-8373 or ssolomon [at] uesf [dot] org. The deadline to register is July 31st.

UESF Election Results: New President for UESF

Moscone Elementary Teacher Lita Blanc to Assume Leadership July 1

On May 19th, the Elections Committee of the United Educators of San Francisco certified that Moscone Elementary teacher Lita Blanc has been elected president of the union, narrowly defeating incumbent Dennis Kelly.

Lita Blanc has been a bilingual teacher in the San Francisco Unified School District for over 28 years, serving the students and families at Moscone Elementary. An educator and activist with nearly three decades of experience, Lita has served as Building Representative at her school, on the UESF organizing team, and as a member of the San Francisco Labor Council.

“I’m honored to be given this opportunity by the educators of San Francisco to serve as union president,” says Lita Blanc. “We look forward to working with all UESF members and the San Francisco community to protect public education and to get the resources that our students and our educators deserve.” Continue reading

Attention All Paras: Critical PARS Settlement Information

To full-time (20+hours/week) Paraprofessionals who were employed any time during June 21, 2003 and October 11, 2011.

This is an update and reminder about the class action settlement for paraprofessionals who were enrolled in the PARS Target Benefit Plan. 

On Monday, May 18, the settlement administrator mailed your claim forms.  Your completed claims forms must be postmarked by July 17, 2015.  If you do not submit a claim form in time you will not receive a settlement check.

If you have not received a claim form at your home address by Wednesday, May 27, you should call the Settlement Claim Administrator at 1-844-280-2680.

The Settlement Claims Administrator has also set up a website which contains all the information you need, and also allows you to submit questions by email through the website. The website address is:

If you have any questions about the process or how to fill out your claim forms, you should call the Settlement Claims Administrator at 1-844-280-2680.  Because the settlement is being administered professionally by a company approved by the court, questions should be directed to the claim administrator and not to UESF.

UESF is Hiring!

Please help spread the word! UESF is currently hiring for three positions. Applications are due by July 7, 2015.

Staff Organizer/Representative

Membership Secretary

General Office Secretary

Learn from hidden history in Fall CCSF class

California Labor History Class
CCSF Mission Campus
2015 Fall Semester – 6:30 pm Wednesdays
Register online

As we confront a San Francisco with growing economic inequalities, history offers lessons.

In “California Labor History,” a three unit San Francisco City College course offered at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday evenings at Mission Campus, Room 154, 1125 Valencia Street, beginning August 19, you learn that the fight for a more equitable society stretches back through the 1934 San Francisco General Strike—the most important event most people have never heard of—to the Mission era.  You will also find this history explains quite a bit about what’s happening now.

Taught by CFT communications director Fred Glass, the class places UESF’s parent organizations, the NEA and AFT, in historical context, and contemporary union struggles and issues within the broader stream of labor history.  The class readings, films, guest speakers and discussions showcase efforts by California’s working people for dignity, economic security, and civil rights. 

Teachers and paras who have taken the course note that it provides a space tucked away from the rest of their often hectic lives to reflect on working in a unionized educational workplace.  Class discussions are lively, and the oral history assignment often turns up surprising things about students’ own unions and family histories. Continue reading

Congratulations to the 2015 UESF Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 UESF student scholarships! This year UESF is happy to report that scholarship offerings ranged from $500 to to $5,000 per student, recognizing the increase costs of a college education.

Abraham Hernandez
June Jordan HS
Norma Mitchell Hardy Grant

Alexia Julissa Santiago Sanchez
Balboa HS
Joan Marie Shelley Scholarship

Bally Lee
Washington HS
UESF Educational Grant

Christopher Emelife
Lincoln HS
Richard Darrington Memorial Scholarship

Hugo Wonderley De Souza
Mission HS
Kent Mitchell Scholarship

Ivette Corral
Lincoln HS
James E. Ballard Scholarship

2016 scholarships will be posted online in April 2016.

Apply Today for the Para to Teacher Program!

At an informational meeting on May 1st, 84 paraprofessionals were in attendance to learn about re-entry into college, credential program requirements, financial aid, and pathway support opportunities.

The SFUSD’s Paraprofessional Teacher Training Program (PTTP) is a collaboration between SFUSD, UESF, SF State, and CCSF that recruits and supports paraprofessionals to become credentialed, exemplary teachers in the District’s high need areas of Special Education, Secondary Mathematics, and BCLAD teachers.

Are you a para that is ready to take the next step in your career? Ready to join the over 172 paras who have already completed the program?

For more information, click here. Questions should be directed to program coordinator Aracely Soriano at SorianoA [at] sfusd [dot] edu. Applications are due July 31st.