Retired Division

Who We Are

With more than 850 members, the UESF-Retired Division is the fastest growing part of UESF. Any teacher or paraprofessional who was a UESF member in good standing at the time of retirement from the SFUSD may join. Dues are $48 a year for teachers, $24 for paraprofessionals.


The UESF-Retired Division focuses on meeting the needs of retired teachers and paraprofessionals. We monitor the Health Service System and keep a close eye on what’s happening with STRS and with legislation that might affect our members. And we offer a variety of social activities. Our website, is currently being expanded and updated.


The UESF-Retired Division Chair, Diane Doe can be reached by leaving a message at the UESF office 956-8373 or by email. If you haven’t joined yet, just ask Diane for an application. Messages for Health Committee Chair Diane Ehrlich also can be left at 956-8373.

What We Do

Membership Meetings – We meet at Fort Mason five times a year for regular business and provocative speakers, then a catered lunch for $6. Our Executive Board meets on alternate months at Taraval Station Community Room. We have committees, groups, clubs & many other activities. What they’re doing – and much more – is reported in our monthly Newsletter. Some of our activities and the people who are willing to take responsibility for them are listed below. As a member, you’re welcome to be part of any or all of them.



Legislative & Political Action Committee – Bob Fesler & Noele Salgado
Health Committee – Diane Ehrlich
Activities & Resources Committee – Marian Gonzalez
Garden Club and Investment Group – Tim Tindol
Book Club and Senior Outreach & Support (SOS) – Alexia Tindol
Theater –Sandy Shure
Bridge Club – Beverly Buchanan
Lunch Bunch, Arts & Crafts Sale and Special Events – Diane Doe
Nature Walks – Charlie Hibbard, Lou Webb, Paul Koski, Tim Tindol
City Guides Tours – Anne Maughan Faye
Repeal Social Security Offsets (WEP/GPO) – Ann Hunt


Political Action – Nearly 100 of us belong to COPE. But our political activity doesn’t end there – we work for (or against) candidates and legislation at all levels. And we continue to strengthen alliances with other local retiree groups, and to participate in events sponsored by retiree groups at the state and national levels.