Elections for NEA Rep Assembly and CFT Convention Now Underway

February 15, 2017

The elections for the 2017 NEA Rep Assembly and 2017 CFT Convention are now underway. Please note the following clarifications:

* For the CFT convention, we are electing 15 delegates and 5 alternates.
* For the local delegates to NEA RA, we are electing 10 delegates and 5 alternates.
* For the state delegates to NEA RA, as part of the Golden Gate Service Center, we are electing 11 delegates.

All UESF members who have a personal email on file with UESF should look for an email today from the UESF Smart Voter system with a personal voting link. For those without a personal email on file, paper ballots will be sent via US mail. Ballots are due back no later than March 1st. If you have any trouble accessing the ballot or do not receive a ballot, please check the junk folder on your email system. For further questions, contact UESF membership secretary Audreen Williams at awilliams [at] uesf [dot] org for assistance.

All UESF members are reminded to follow the UESF Guidelines for Campaigning: Candidates, groups of candidates, and other members should not use for electioneering any member address, telephone number or e-mail address acquired from UESF or SFUSD official records by any means whatsoever. Candidates should not use school district mail delivery, school telephone numbers, or UESF committee, substitute, or retired division lists for electioneering purposes. No candidates should be endorsed by committees, Union Building Committees, or other UESF bodies. For more information about the UESF guidelines for campaigning, contact UESF Elections Chair Leslie Clark at 415 956-8373.

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