Officers and the Executive Board members are elected to represent specific constituencies by union members at-large. Building Representatives and members of Union Building Committees are elected by the membership at a site. The Building Committee members’ responsibilities are specified in Article 25 of the Teachers’ Contract.

See below for current members of the UESF Executive Board.

Assembly & Executive Board Meetings

The Assembly, the policy making body of the union, meets at 4:15 p.m. the third Wednesday of each month.The Executive Board, which conducts official union business, meets the first Wednesday of each month, 4:15 p.m. Meeting times and locations are subject to change. Consult the UESF Calendar for the up to date information.

Official Minutes for Assembly & Executive Board Meetings

Official recorded minutes for both the Assembly and Executive Board are available here:

Minutes are generally approved for each Executive Board and Assembly at the following meeting the next month.

Executive Board Officers
Officers’ Bios and Photos

Lita Blanc
2310 Mason Street 956-8373
Executive Vice-President
Susan Solomon
2310 Mason Street 956-8373
Carolyn Samoa
2310 Mason Street 956-8373
Liz Conley
2310 Mason Street 956-8373
Lisa Gutierrez Guzman
2310 Mason Street 956-8373
Elaine Merriweather
2310 Mason Street 956-8373
A J Frazier
2310 Mason Street 695-5656


Teacher Representatives

High School (4)
Andy Libson Mission High School 241-6240
Claire Merced Thurgood Marshall High School 695-5612
Van Cedric Williams Thurgood Marshall High School 695-5612
Ellen Yoshitsugu Balboa High School 469-4090
Middle School (3)
Julia Fung Lawton K-8 759-2832
Heidi Avelina Smith Lick MS 695-5675
Lisa Beth Watkins Giannini MS 759-2770
Elementary School (5)
Darcie Blackburn Sheridan ES 469-4743
Magdelena De Guzman Carmichael ES 615-8440
Frank Lara BVHM K-8 695-5881
Cynthia Lasden Fairmount ES 695-5669
Pablo Portillo Fairmount ES 695-5669
Special Education (1)
Julia Kim Fairmount ES 695-5669
Child Development (1)
Betty Robinson-Harris Tule Elk Park EES 749-3551
Bilingual (1)
Claudia Tirado Fairmount ES 695-5669
Student Support Services (1)
Susan Kitchell Galileo High School 749-3430
Counselors (1)
Katie Waller Hoover MS 759-2783
Substitutes (2)
Sherry Linker Core Substitute 956-8373
Anna Graciela Slavicek Day-to-Day Substitute 956-8373
At-Large (4)
Paula Mancillas C&I Screening & Assessment 750-7603
Larry Orloff Retired 956-8373
Derrlyn Tom Mission HS 241-6240
Ken Tray UESF Political Director 956-8373
Retired Division Representative (1)
Diane Doe Retired Division 956-8373

Paraprofessional Representatives

Instructional Aides – Series C, C10 (2)
Charles James Jr. Jefferson SA/EES 759-2795
Instructional Aides – Series A, N, S, P, R Positions (7)
Janet Eberhardt Monroe ES 469-4736
Tom Harriman Lowell HS 759-2730
Anabell Ibanez Buena Vista / Horace Mann K-8 695-5881
Leonor Jackson-Flores Lincoln HS 759-2700
Mary Lavalais SF Community K-8 469-4739
Cathy O’Byrne Balboa HS 469-4090
Bobbie Washington Carmichael K-8 355-6916
Security Aides – Series T, T10 (1)
 Tobias Cain  SOTA HS  695-5700


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