Dues Structure

In the pie chart depicted below, you can see that the bulk of UESF dues (75%) are sent to UESF’s state and national affiliates (the California Federation of Teachers/ American Federation of Teachers and the California Teachers Association/ National Education Association). A small portion of dues (1%) also goes to the San Francisco Labor Council. The remaining 24% goes to the local operation of the union.

For most certificated members the base monthly dues rate is $92.80. UESF certificated members who receive stipends through Prop. A, including retention bonuses, Master Teacher stipends, and hard-to-staff and hard-to-fill stipends, also pay 1.5% of each stipend in union dues.

Certificated members who work in the Early Education Department, who do not receive additional salary through Prop. A, have slightly lower monthly dues ($91.81). UESF substitute and paraprofessional members pay 1.5% of their base salary in union dues. Because of the fixed percentage for paras and substitutes, UESF must supplement the amount of money sent to state and national affiliates each month for these members in order to meet our obligations. This has a negative effect on UESF’s budget.


Dues Chart

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