Important Information About Injuries and Illnesses on the Job

DWC-1 form: This is the form employees should use if they are hurt or become ill on the job. Fill it out, take a copy and turn it in to your administrator.

Pre-designation form: If you don’t fill out and submit this form BEFORE you have a work-related injury or illness, you will have to see the doctor or doctors SFUSD sends you to see for at least the first 30 days following a reported work-related injury or illness. If you fill out and submit this form (and keep a copy), you will be able to see your own doctor if you get hurt or become ill on the job. This doctor has to be someone you have already seen. Please review the form. Do this or you may regret it when it is too late.

Behavior and Assault form: Sometimes the reason that one is injured is because the employee is attacked, assaulted or threatened. This is the form that should be filled out if that happens.

Certificated employees contract excerpts about attacks, assaults and threats

Paraprofessionals contract excerpts about attacks, assaults and threats

Worker’s Comp Attorneys

A number of our members who have suffered a work-related illness or injury report that things go well with their work related claims. Its not true for everyone. If you do have trouble, you likely should talk to a Worker’s Compensation attorney. If you have one that you like, use them. If you don’t, we suggest Boxer and Gerson. It’s important to have a law firm that understands this employer and its behavior. Injured workers don’t pay a workers’ compensation directly. If the worker’s compensation wins for you, they get about 14% of what they win for you. It’s well worth it. Boxer and Gerson’s phone number is 510-291-4084. Their website is

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