Union Building Committees

The Role of the Union Building Committee & the Building Rep

The Union Building Committee (UBC) is the most important and influential representative body in the school, equally recognized by administration and members. The UBC is the collective voice of teachers and paraprofessionals to ensure that UESF members are involved in the school-wide decision making that affects their work lives and their students’ education.

The role of the UBC is to ensure that the rights that teachers and paraprofessionals have struggled for over time are not violated, and to enforce the contract.

As the representative of the union at the worksite, the Building Rep plays an important role in every school. He or she is a member of the UESF Assembly and the liaison to the UESF staff and leadership.

The Building Rep also chairs the UBC, distributes union materials and information to members, and meets with the principal on a regular basis to solve problems at the school.


UBC Election Process – Guide for teachers and paras at school sites to conduct Union Building Committee Elections. To get a UBC started at your school, review this document and then contact your Staff Representative to help guide you through the process.

Article 25 – The section of the UESF/SFUSD contract that specifically spells out the role of Union Building Committees in the school sites.

Building Power from the Ground Up – A discussion of the power and potential of our Union Building Committees, reprinted from the December 2006 edition of the SF Educator.

Vote to Expand the Rights of Your Building Rep

Building Reps can be released from ‘adjunct duties’ in order to conduct the business of the union on school time. This will allow for better communication and coordination at the school or site level, and for better enforcement of the contract.

In order to release your Building Rep from adjunct duties, a secret ballot vote of the UESF membership at your site should be conducted by your UBC. In fact, this vote can take place simultaneously with your UBC elections.

A ballot to release the Building Rep from adjunct duties should be conducted prior to the first day of student instruction. We therefore recommend that this vote be conducted before the end of this school year, if possible. For a sample ballot, click here.

Please talk to your Staff Rep, or call 956-8373 for more information.

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