UESF Elections

UESF Smart Voter– Elections will be:

Wed. 2/14/2018 thru Fri. 2/23/2018

We are conducting elections for:

Delegates to CFT Convention, AFT Convention and NEA-Representative Assembly (Local & State). Also certificated members- only will be electing the certificated representative to CTA State Council.

Check your personal email or mail box for UESF- Smart Voter communications and to complete ballot.  

With UESF Smart Voter, you can vote using your cell phone, tablet or personal computer!

You can learn about all the elections and candidates* here.

Frequently Asked Questions

UESF Smart Voter FAQ.doc-3 

Please look at all the candidates and help select who you want to be your representatives at these important state and national meetings. Your delegates will represent UESF & CTA, shaping policy and meeting other educator leaders across the state and country. It is a critical time to make sure our Union is heard loud and clear across California and the nation.  


If you are having any trouble accessing the ballot contact UESF Smart Voter Manager & Election Committee at elections@uesf.org for assistance.

*FOR CANDIDATES in this election: Please read and be aware of UESF election and campaign guidelines: Candidates, groups of candidates, and other members should not use for electioneering any member address, telephone number or e-mail address acquired from UESF or SFUSD official records by any means whatsoever.  Candidates should not use school district mail delivery, school telephone numbers, or UESF committee, substitute, or retired division lists for electioneering purposes. • No candidates should be endorsed by committees, Union Building Committees, or other UESF bodies.

Elected convention delegates  will be reimbursed for travel, meal and lodging (if necessary) expenses: 

For CFT Convention: up to $600 each

For AFT Convention: up to  $1600

For NEA Local and State- up to $2000 each

For CTA State Council: representatives are reimbursed for transportation, lodging and up to $80/day for meals.