Moving Forward After the Election

November 10, 2016

The results of the November election are rightfully sending people to the streets, taking a stand against the vile hatred and intolerance that Donald Trump represents. His election has made all of us less safe in our lives, but particularly those who are immigrants, people of color, the LGBTQ community, the Muslim community, and women. Without a doubt, we must continue organizing in our communities and across the state and nation to resist every and all attempt by Trump to role back our rights and to take back all of the hard earned progress that we have made as a country.

Talking to students about the election is important. Educators have a role to play to help them make sense of the new reality, especially those who come from the communities who have been attacked by Trump, and who now face a very uncertain future. A good start is this article from the Huffington Post. Mission High School Peer Resources teacher Fakhra Shah has also put together this lesson plan to talk about the election with your students.

San Francisco and California offer much more hopeful election results. Prop. 55 passed easily, bringing essential resources into our schools for years to come. Prop. 58 also passed overwhelmingly, affirming our commitment to bilingual education. Locally, UESF-endorsed candidates for school board all won, meaning that we will have strong leaders for our schools during our upcoming contract talks. Prop. A, Prop. B, and Prop. W also passed.

Thanks to the hundreds of UESF members who volunteered during the election. Special thanks to UESF political organizers Desmond Iman Jeffries and Lisa Guzman, who both helped ensure we put together a winning campaign. And of course, our hats are off to UESF Political Director Ken Tray, who successfully steered our efforts both within UESF and out in the City, as we joined with our progressive allies to fight for an affordable San Francisco for all residents.

These are difficult days with many more to come. But as always, sticking together and organizing is the right answer to meet the challenges we face. And we are committed to that organizing now more than ever.

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